Degil Safety Products has been a manufacturer and wholesaler of personal protective equipment for over 20 years. Our channels include retail, DIY retail, industrial, construction, food services, paint markets, and many others. Degil Safety Products uses its large network of distributors to direct the flow of its innovative and quality products to customers across North America. 

Degil Safety Products was founded in 1989 and began operations as a master distributor for other manufacturers of product throughout the world into the Canadian and American marketplace. 

Over the years, Degil Safety Products began to create its own brands and eventually would start to manufacturer many of its own products. The innovation of its own proprietary products has led Degil Safety Products into many categories; the most notables being Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, Faceshields, Sunscreens, Insect Repellents, Hand Sanitizers, Fall Protection, First Aid and many more. 

Degil Safety Products is committed to the long term growth of our distribution chain and maintaining products which allow these distributors to be competitive while providing quality products to any worker in any job application.

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